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The history dp motorsport

Ekkehard Zimmermann has acquired the know-how and delicate touch necessary for a performance of this calibre in more than thirty years of practical design and model construction. His first results – spoiler modifications of a Porsche 911 – had already attracted the interest of the Kremer Brothers who run a Porsche workshop in Cologne and have been highly committed to car racing.

In 1975 he developed a completely new Porsche 911 racing body for the Kremers – and these novel 911 dp models figured large on German racing tracks and won several titles.   In 1979 a Kremer dp modification of the Porsche 935, the “K3? (with Klaus Ludwig as one of its pilots) even succeeded in winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But the K3 types did not stop at controlling racing championships, they participated with similar success in the US IMSA series. And when the C series had been created, dp-motorsport was upfront again – with the “CK5? for the Kremer Brothers and several other C types for the Joest racing team.

On the basis of his racing cars Ekkehard Zimmermann has developed an ever-widening spectrum of modifications to the road models. In doing so he never follows the fanciful but aims at optimizing a given car body, moulding it to make it look a cast integral but making sure his work still reflects the look of the “classical? Porsche or the 944 family. This is true even for one of his “highlights?: the “944 Cargo? built in the 80ties, a Porsche 944 modified to make “the world´s most beautiful estate? in perfect style.