Development of prototypes

Ever since dp motorsport was founded we have designed and built prototypes. We develop one-time bodies as well as complete cars made to specification: Rally cars and road-going vehicles.
Here you will find get an impression of our prototyping work…

Ferrari 355 engine hood

The Ferrari 355 version originally came with a simple engine hood. As a customer order we designed and developed very special one: The window and air vents had to be precisely tailored and integrated in the Ferrari 360. Have a look at what we did!


 If you are interested in changing your Ferrari, we offer the conversion at a price of 1900 Euro excl. VAT (without window, grid and painting).


In the 80s the 962 has had some significant rallying achievements. As a customer order, the 962 racing version was modified by dp-motorsport in 1983 and made road-going. The project was put into practice in close cooperation with the German Technical Control Board. Many modifications had to be made according to the guidelines of the road traffic regulations. All in all it took six months and 1000 hours worked to do so and in the end the engine with 650hp and 3.3 l Bi-Turbo got four catalytic converters and electronics and still achieved an acceleration of 3 seconds (0-100km/h) and a final velocity of 340km/h.

dp44 CARGO

Due to the increasing demand of conversion pieces for the 994 in the mid 80s, we started to think about possible modifications for the 944. The result was that we started building a sports estate car. We found a used roof from the VW Passat Variant on the waste yard.

996 dp5

In the winter 2002/2003 we started this project, hoping to create one of the most impressing racing cars. In close cooperation with the brothers Alzen we started drawing the outline of the enterprise: the dp5 had to be about two meters wide and the big air channel to the intercooler had to be placed on the inside because of its size. Also, the rear wing had to cover the whole width of car.

On this basis we started modelling…

The GT3 Cup body shell was completed with the Turbo side parts that were – made of carbon – broadened to two meters. The front was built in one-piece with integrated attachment to the side sills. In order to enable the best possible ventilation of the water cooler, brakes and intercooler we calculated and tested and finally got a very satisfying result. After six months of work and great commitment we completed the project: With great success!  The dp5 was ready for performance...

Dragster Beetle